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The events listed below are all located in the immediate vicinity (within 1km) of the apartment. Noise pollution is not expected.


The "Schützenfest" (shooting festival) on the ten-acre square is considered the greatest "Schützenfest" in the world, the tradition goes back into the 15th centurie. The ten-day event is visited annually by more than 1.5 million guests. The traditional drink is "Lüttje Lage". Over 250 performers will be represented at the festival.


The Oktoberfest is once a year since 1964 in late September / early October and takes place at the "Schützenplatz".

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is a popular festival, which takes place in March and April at the "Schützenplatz" (shooting place). It is visited annually by about 1 million people, making it the largest spring festival in Lower Saxony.

Maschsee Festival

The Maschseefest is an approximately three-week festival in Hannover, which takes place every summer on the boardwalks around the Maschsee.

Christmas Market

The Christmas market is held annually in Hannover during Advent at three locations in the city of Hanover. The most popular is the historic Christmas market around the "Marktkirche" in the ols town of Hanover. Recent origin are smaller markets outside the Main Station and on the Lister Meile. The Christmas markets are from late November until 22 December 11-21 clock opened.

Swinging Hannover

Swinging Hannover, is a two-day international jazz festival since 1967 and takes place once a year in Hanover. Organiser of the Festival is the Jazz Club Hannover, whose founder Michael Gehrke, the festival has brought to life. The festival is divided into the Jazz Band Ball on the eve of the Ascension in the "Kuppelsaal" of the Hanover Congress Centrum and in the open-air concert on the Trammplatz before the New Town Hall on the morning of Ascension day. Every year seven selected bands are here.

Texts and images were taken from Wikipedia.